Mystery Dinner

Leader: George Grasse –
A Mystery Dinner Party consists of eight players, four female characters and four male characters.  One couple hosts the dinner/game, prepares a menu, and distributes courses to the other three attending guest couples.  Each game is a costumed event and takes place around the dinner table.  Participation is one mystery dinner game per calendar year.  Each person/couple is obligated to host but must have played already one game.  The host couple will determine character assignments, date, and time for the party plus a summary of the game and costume suggestions.
On the day of the party, the host proceeds according to a schedule that includes a cocktail hour, seating at the table and a brief discussion of game procedure and distribution of player manuals.  There are four rounds of play involving discussion prompted by each player’s character manual and each round is followed by a dinner course.  In general, all of the parties for a given year will play the same game so secrecy as to characters, methods, and results is required.