Dining In/Fine Dining

Leader: Sharon Littlepage



The goal of the Fine Dining interest group is to promote social interaction among members of the Newcomers Club by enjoying 3 Fine Dining experiences each year.

Fine dining need not be a gourmet event where guests are intimidated by formality, nor should it be a casual family meal you might serve at home during the week.  Be creative with your themed dinners.  Feel free to use your fine china, crystal, and cloth napkins!

Dress code is “smart casual” unless advised otherwise by your hosts.

Maybe Alexa can provide background music if you’re not planning on a mariachi band, jazz trio, or string quartet.  But, most of all, have fun!






  1. Gives each host a list of names and contact information for guests.
  2. Fills any vacancies for a host or participant.



  1. Set the date and time for the dinner.
  2. Choose 3 dates that work best for you in the Fall-September, October, or November. Winter-January, February & March. Spring-April, May, or June.
  3. Determine the menu and/or theme for the evening. Hosts will have 4 to 6 participants assigned to their group.
  4. Notify guests via email and ask them to select dates they’re available.
  5. Select and provide some or all of the recipes.
  6. Inquire whether participants have any food allergies or strong food preferences.
  7. Send directions to your home.
  8. Make seating assignments.
  9. Provide welcoming beverages and cleanup at the end of the evening.
  10. If a host is unable to carry out his/her duties because of illness or unforeseen circumstances, contact the coordinator for assistance.
  11. Take photos of your event and send to Deb Bodner for the Newcomers newsletter.



  1. Participants will supply ingredients to create their assigned dish/menu item.
  2. Plate/Present your dish/item attractively.  Bring utensils for serving.
  3. If attending alone, feel free to bring a friend/escort/significant other, who does not have to be a member of the Newcomers Club.
  4. If for some reason you can’t attend, notify the host and the coordinator one week prior to the Fine Dining experience; otherwise, you may be responsible for paying your share of the dinner if a substitute can’t be found.
  5. Reach out to the host if you haven’t heard from him/her in a week or two. If necessary, contact the coordinator.
  6. Be on time for the dinner. Don’t complain if you don’t like a dish.  You will know in advance what’s being served, so consider bringing a substitute food as you enjoy the company of the other diners.
  7. Pay your fair share of the cost of the fine dining experience as determined by the host.
  8. Participants must take their turn hosting a dinner before others are asked to host a second one.